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Liima is effectively a side-project of Efterklang, in which the members of the beloved Scandinavian group make the kind of music that Efterklang would never make. EG, nostalgic full-bore...view item »

Efterklang & Karsten Fundal
LEAVES - The Colour of Falling (Performed by Efterklang & The Happy Hopeless Orchestra)

After extensive touring of Piramida the Danish dreamy electronic indie group Efterklang took a hiatus to reimagine themselves. And here they are, back with their first release since then, reimagined and more orchestral than ever. Leaves is made up of compositions with Karsten Fundal and perform...view item »


Is there a band on the planet more pretentious than Efterklang? I stormed out of one of their shows at Leeds Brudenell Social Club, slighted by their unbelievable smugness - sprinting home and locking the door before I shoved their trumpets ...view item »

I Was Playing Drums

These chipmunks latest release is a swish affair. More sophisticated then 18 Cary Grants and not half as strange sounding, Efterklang have "raised the bar" again. Epic sounding neo classicism at its finest. The Brodericks have played a massive part in making this single one of the most grandiose things I've heard in ages. Peter takes...view item »


Efterklang release their brand new album. I managed to play it all the way through and the only thing I can tell you about is that is extremly twinkly. I think I need to sepnd more time with it but what I heard I quite enjoyed. It's not an album you can hear the once to get the most out of it. 'Parades' is its name.... ...view item »


For having such a large number of people in the group, they manage to keep things remarkably restrained, sometimes even to the point of frustration. The opening track of "Foetus" builds slowly with filtered electronics and string washes and basically serves as a warm-up to the release while "Swarming" mixes clicky programming with plenty of layered...view item »

Magic Chairs

4AD are hoovering up everyone these days. After a few albums on the Leaf label Danish pop sensation Efterklang are ready to release they're new pop opus 'Magic Chairs' into your face and associated areas. They're a band I've quite liked over the year... never massively but I've always thought they were pretty good and they had something about ...view item »

Efterklang & The Danish National Chamber Orchestra
Performing Parades

'Performing Parades' is the latest release from Efterklang performing their 2007 album 'Parades' accompanied by the Danish National Chamber Orchestra. I'm not familiar with the original record nor am I familiar with the previous works of the band but on first listen this sounds like an intriging record. I'll assume that the band play some form of d...view item »


Efterklang: Caravan (Leaf) Described by our departing man at helm ( blasts and whirling choruses, all served up with a dramatic as-you-like arrangement; that has drums almost marching. Not so much miserable as maybe aching and clawing. Hand numbered in an edition of 1000. he's only here half days weds.) as the Danish Radiohead. This is a little per...view item »

Under Giant Trees

EFTERKLANG return with their third release for the Leaf label with a mini album housed in a stunning fold out sleeve. I'm hearing bits of Beirut in the mournful vocals on opener 'Falling Horses' Very dramatic stuff. Almost epic at times. There's an immense amount of creativity and passion lurking within the 5 tracks on here. The viola in particular...view item »


With some twinkling beats and whispered vocals here is the new Efterklang album. In fact I thought I'd put the same record on again (the 13 & god LP). It does sound remarkably like the 13 and God album. Phil has just quipped that it sounds like 13 & God and Sigur Ros  - a super super group. I'm afr...view item »