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The Twelve Hour Foundation
tree little milk egg book and other non sequiturs

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The Twelve Hour Foundation
Macaroni Cheese

The Twelve Hour Foundation are an electronic duo from Bristol consisting of Jez Butler (ex-Beatnik Filmstars) and Polly Hulse. The pair got together to perform Butler’s solo album, The Lighter Side Of Concrete, to a live audience. Hulse suggested the name for a side project but it stuck. Macaroni Cheese is available on 7” single.
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The Twelve Hour Foundation
The Lighter Side of Concrete

A violent concoction of samples made from everyday objects he has lying around the house, Jez Butler’s new album The Lighter Side of Concrete will treat you to a childlike curious investigation into the relations between sound and music. His first solo album, all the songs were recorded on the same day they were written, lending the album a spontaneous and creative feel.