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Arandel Vinyl, CD & tapes by Arandel at Norman Records

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“Ok then, back to basics/Grab your shell-toes and Arundel’s Turbatrix.” Who’d ever have thought that Robbie Williams would have liked his techno served up by the kooks at Sheffield’s Computer Club and shrouded in the sort of heady, claustrophobic ambiences you’d tend to associate with an Ostgut Ton release? Still, you heard the man. Take both pills. F*ck the matrix.
  • Vinyl 12" (DISK09)
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Arandel is seemingly influenced by ambient landmarks for Solarispellis, referencing the sustained master-works of Brian Eno and the recent futurist 3D decay of Oneohtrix Point Never, making electronic pieces that feel fragmented and sabotaged and yet quite whole. Arandel continues to traverse sounds that feel distant and yet interconnected, deciding upon techno in the midsts of an IDM wonderland.