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USA Nails
Life Cinema

Sort-of-post-hardcore sort-of-supergroup USA Nails (containing members of Future Of The Left, Kong, Death Pedals and others) drop their fourth album. Life Cinema finds the band raging once more about all the nonsense with a funny fury. Any more like this and people will start calling USA Nails the British answer to Pissed Jeans. Life Cinema is the first LP to be released through Dipped In Gold.

USA Nails
Shame Spiral

As the third album of London-based USA Nails, Shame Spiral is a twisted dive into the dark realms of noise-rock and post punk. This offering's material is a satirical stab at modern-day gripes such as housing prices and celebrity cultures. As likeable as it is brash, this is a 10 track slab of pure gold.
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USA Nails
Stuck For Inspiration / Oven Degreaser

USA Nails are one of those bands full of spit and speed, unable to play instruments in a way that isn’t fast and distorted. So far so good! Stuck For Inspiration and its double A-side partner Oven Degreaser (mmmm, yum!) is proper noise-punk for proper noise-punks. 7” released as part of the Too Pure Singles Club.

Gareth JS Thomas
Wandsworth Sports

Aphelion Editions is shaping up to be an interesting label... Here they follow up their inaugural release by Tlön with a limited edition CDr/cassette tape by Gareth JS Thomas (USA NAILS, SILENT FRONT, MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI). Over the course of the album our lug holes are treated to dreamy ambient textures and eerie dronescapes, some sound collage/sampling/cut-up action and a wee dose of cranky techno to boot. All super atmospheric stuff ,that occasionally gets pretty weird - with an absurd and wicked sense of humour.

USA Nails
No Pleasure

Christ alive, the lineage of this band’s membership... You should know whether or not USA Nails are for you when I tell you which groups have alumni represented here: Kong, Future Of The Left, Oceansize, Hawk Eyes… No Pleasure is thus, obviously, a furiously tight and gnarly noise-rock slab. CD or fancy coloured vinyl on Smalltown America.

USA Nails
Sonic Moist

Post-punkers who aren't actually from the States, London's USA Nails have absorbed a lot of out of fashion and impossibly harsh music and taken it upon themselves to bring it under one banner. Formed out of noise rockers and prog acts such as Oceansize and Hawk Eyes, the band take it easier, peeling back on the punk comparisons but keeping the spontaneity. 'Sonic Moist' is the result.