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Peter Brötzmann / Heather Leigh
Sparrow Nights

Lap steel guitar expert Heather Leigh, whose announcement of an upcoming “pop” album for Mego has caused some excitement, is still cranking out the avant-garde ones as well. Here’s another for trusty Viennese ear-troubler Trost with prolific producer of reedy rackets Peter Brötzmann. Leigh is on lap steel, Brötzmann on various clarinets and saxes. Their interactions sound like a highly enthusiastic dialogue in which each participant continually interrupts the other - but always in friendly agreement.

Heather Leigh

Editions Mego (Shit & Shine, Oren Ambarchi) drop the latest LP from Heather Leigh (once known as Heather Leigh Murray). Throne is a record of singer-songwriter noir full of dark energy. Leigh commands her tracks with a smouldering intensity that is reminiscent of Wild Beasts’ Hayden Thorpe. The instrumentals also have something of that group about them, though it’s less ‘Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants’ and more the Grouper-ish murk of Present Tense’s ‘New Life’ or Two Dancers’ ‘Underbelly’.

Heather Leigh
I Abused Animal

Heather Leigh lands on Stephen O’Malley’s Ideologic Organ imprint with a powerful solo album. I Abused Animal is made up of just her enormous voice and her alternately ferocious and eerily-tender pedal-steel guitar. Credit is also given to Leigh’s ‘spiritual adviser’, so you know this shall be a deep trip. Recorded in a 'mystery location'. We don't want the Daily Mail finding out about this. 

Peter Brötzmann / Heather Leigh
Ears Are Filled With Wonder

Much excitement around for this first time collaboration between free-blowing sax overlord Peter Brötzmann and pedal steel scourer Heather Leigh. Ears Filled With Wonder shows an interesting improvisational dynamic, with as much time spent conjuring atmospheres as exploding them. Vinyl release on Trost.

Heather Leigh

Heather Leigh brings the noise on this limited LP release on Golden Lab. The last few live Leigh performances I’ve seen were quite vocal-focused, but here she doubles down on the pedal steel with serious intensity. We’ve not heard pedal steel played like this since Leigh’s own Jailbreak sessions with Chris Corsano.