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Memory In Vivo Exposure

Tomaga's new material sees a deepening of their signature rhythmic atmosphere, opening in a chiming hypnosis reminiscent of traditional Balinese gamelan. Stripped back, metallic percussion and subtle musicality follows and makes up the album's bulk, ending in a near ambient, contemplative atmosphere....view item »

Music For Visual Disorders

Multi-instrumentalists Valentina Magaletti and Tom Relleen, aka Tomaga, unleash a 9-track opus of gentle ambient, industrial minimalism and Krautrock-inspired motorik. This is a gentle record, revolving around intuitive pulses and abstract imagery, avant-garde in its approach, contemporary in its execution. ...view item »


UUUU are a new group of musicians that have come together to bring a new sound to the world of music. This self titled double Vinyl LP has been released on Valentina Magaletti, and is a complete soundscape of genres that are all layered together to create a number of tracks. You constantly get snippets of rock or classi...view item »

Greetings From The Bitter End

Excitingly, this new Tomaga release doesn’t only feature brand new material from the mighty duo: it also includes a pair of remixes, one each from Shit & Shine and Cavern Of Antimatter! Extra potent stuff. Tuned marimba percussion is at the core of Greetings From The Bitter End...view item »

TOMAGA & Orlando
Play Time: Music for Video Games

Inspired by but not necessarily bearing any relation to pre-existing video game soundtracks, this previously Bandcamp-only brims with quirk and charm. Yes, there’s a smattering of chiptune, but the collection draws voraciously from basically anything kitsch or kitsch-able - Rumba, lift music and Tron-style muscle-grooves all crop ...view item »

The Shape Of The Dance

Tomaga are always a fierce prospect live, where their combination of percussion, organ and electronics has been blowing audiences away for years. Happily, they can recreate that power on record too: The Shape Of The Dance is their second full-length album, and takes a minimalist approach that sometimes recalls O...view item »

Familiar Obstacles

The consistently strong Blank Tapes cassette label releases a new slice of Tomaga, a London-based duo playing on drums, synthesisers and a delicious array of various acoustic and electronic objects. Familiar Obstacles has 2 side-long tracks running to 52 minutes, and there only 100 copies out there, so move fast!...view item »

Futura Grotesk

London duo TOMAGA create darkly experimental music on their debut LP, Futura Groteska. It sounds like the soundtrack to some 1970s Italian horror film full of strange psychedelic scenes of lizards eating pigs or something of the like. It’s disconcerting but with a really solid percussive feel which keeps t...view item »