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Tzusing Vinyl, CD & tapes by Tzusing at Norman Records

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A Name Out Of Place Collected

Tzusing’s three A Name Out Of Place EPs originally dropped on  L.I.E.S. between 2014 and 2016. Rooted in EBM and hardcore techno, Tzusing also managed to incorporate various club styles from around the globe into the his ‘world industrial’ sound. As such there are shades of Batida on ‘R’ and Gqom on ‘1976’. Fan favourites for some time now, L.I.E.S. have decided to release the trio of records together as A Name Out Of Place Collected.


Translating to Invincible East, 東方不敗 by chinese producer Tzusing is his first full length and after releasing three EPs with the label, it makes sense for it to be released through L.I.E.S.. An intriguing mix of Blackest Ever Black/early Coil territory minimal post industrial with a cold 80s tinge, shuffling techno, and a sound palette that’ll get you scratching your head.

In A Moment A Thousand Hits

An imposing world surrounds the tracks on the EP, steeped in atmospheres of ceremony but never losing the repetitive stronghold of electronic beats. Tzusing's constant references to traditional music are joined by other thematic themes, like gunshots and industrial sounds, depicting violence and ritual in one.

A Name Out Of Place III

Tzusing is a pretty new producer, but they’ve worked up a name for themselves pretty quickly with fierce industrial tracks. A Name Out Of Place III, their third EP for L.I.E.S. keeps up the quality with 4 new cuts, each with a bottomless low-end and drum-work that’s both steady + pounding and frantic + breakbeaty.

A Name Out Of Place Pt. I

'A Name Out Of Place Pt. I' is a ferocious melding of excellent EBM technique and industrial percussion, with metallic beats pouncing on dark underworld synth lines. Tzusing is the dude responsible, making the usual gruesome noise out on the L.I.E.S. imprint, concentrating on marching drums that fill in any available space.