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Drax Vinyl, CD & tapes by Drax at Norman Records

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Drax Trilogy

Drax is clearly not one to disguise his intentions. How much more obvious can you get than naming a track 'Amphetamine'. This, the Drax Trilogy, is a trio of acid tracks that slap so hard and so fast your cheeks will feel sore from just listening to them. This is music by someone supremely confident in their craft. On AFU Limited.

The 3rd Decade

Perc Trax present three new tracks from techno junkie, Drax. The 3rd Decade sees the release of Drax’s first new material since 2002. The tracks are heavy, driving techno cuts which can’t help but remind me of Trainspotting’s heavy soundtrack. The three tracks on this 12” would be a fine soundtrack to the heaviest of ‘90s fuelled raves and they act as the pulsating highlight to any DJ’s techno playlist. Awesome stuff.

Phosphene (Perc & Truss, AnD, The Exaltics Remixes)

Techno aggressions return in full force on the Perc Trax imprint, with a tune the eponymous bossman has fallen irrefutably in love with recently. 'Phosphene' can be traced back to two decades ago, when Thomas Heckmann threw it on his 'Drax Three' EP, and now it gets its day once more: this honourary 12" in its name offers three hard-wired and caffeinated remixes that show how far techno has come, and what it's learned on the way.