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Mass Spectrometer
Guild Hall

‘Guild Hall’ is the second release by Mass Spectrometer, which is the output of Leeds based kiwi producer Michael Canning, and drummer Richard Beech. Guild Hall follows on in the melodic but uncompromising footsteps of the first Mass Spectrometer release, the album ‘Music for Engines in Overdrive’. This EP of 6 pieces is a journey through flooded urban landscapes meeting - amongst others - greater horseshoe bats, gnostic sailors, deranged PR executives, economists, UFO watchers, northern soul aficionados, and gentle astronomers. All ending at a full-moon lit shindig with a soundtrack of crackling sinister guitars, echoed vocals, and shamanic-like drumming. Guild Hall features a guest vocal appearance from Red Lorry Yellow Lorry kingpin Chris Reed on the cosmic and critical paean Frames, with Futurists PLC members Wayne Bennett and Nog Cavanagh adding loud and funky guitar and bass respectively to the garage psych stomp of Luminar, plus David Higginson – from avant garde doyens The A Band - adding analogue synth magic to the crashing and hallucinatory realm of The Invisible Man. The 23 minute Guild Hall was recorded and mixed by Canning and mastered by Matt Peel at Cottage Road Studios in Headingley, North Leeds. Peel is also responsible for engineering and producing the new album ‘Blood’ by Leeds band Pulled Apart by Horses.