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Martin Carr
The Breaks

Martin Carr you may remember was the main songsmith in The Boo Radleys.  Responsible for some good early shoegazy work.....and then they did 'Wake up, Boo' didn't they? He then went on to do Brave Captain and is now solo. Why doesn't the other man do music? Y'know the one with the Terry Nutkins hair (before it sensibly got shaved off). Probably because Carr wrote all the songs. Anyway here he is doing some kinda fey chirpy indie pop with lots of electronics and synths barging into the mix. Harmonious stuff which will appeal to later era Boo Radleys.

Martin Carr
New Shapes Of Life

Martin Carr was the guitarist and principle songwriter for always critically successful and momentarily commercially huge Liverpool band The Boo Radleys. New Shapes of Life is his third solo album and follows on from 2014’s The Breaks. After a period of writing songs for pop stars, Carr was jolted into action after the death of David Bowie, realising how important it was to take his art seriously. New Shapes of Life, therefore came from a completely clean slate with Carr putting his heart and soul into the project.