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In a way, it is fitting that many people were first introduced to Arca by her work on Kanye West’s game-changing 2013 LP ‘Yeezus’. While they may be rather different in sound, the parallels between the Arca/Ye collaboration and West’s work more »

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A remastered vinyl version of ‘&&&&&’ here, the debut mixtape from innovative producer Arca that was originally released in 2013. At the time Alejandra Ghersi was involved in the production of Kanye West’s paradigm-shifting ‘Yeezus’, and seven years later she’s been responsible for four incredible studio albums. Characterised by shifting, mutating chains of beats and glitching digital soundscapes dub, this set the stage for both Arca's subsequent musical evolution and the development of the genre that came to be known as deconstructed club.
  • Vinyl LP (PAN100LP)

KiCk i

Venezuelan artist, producer, DJ, performer, dancer, singer Arca returns with the album that may well cement her reputation as one of today's most important and forward thinking artists. They are all here  - Bjork, SOPHIE, Rosalia on an album which seems fearless in its disregard for anything approaching musical genre. You'll get noise, psychedelia, experimentation, pop, balladry and everything in between. It will be a hell of a ride that's for sure.


Look who is singing now. Only Arca.. and she's ready for a fight. "You want gore? Here's gore" she threatens. This is the third album from the Venezuela-born, London-based artist, and freshly signed to XL Recordings - the label that rarely fails. This is sure to be another much anticipated record from this hotshot.  
  • CD (XLCD834)


Second full-length from Venezuelan producer Arca. It would be fair to say that she is a ‘hot’ producer these days, given that she played a reasonable co-production role on Bjork’s 'Vulnicura' album this year. Mutant has 20 tracks of expansive electronics, including the remarkable ‘Vanity’ from earlier this year. On Mute.
  • CD (CDSTUMM386)


Alejandro Ghersi, otherwise known as Arca, is a 24-year-old Venezuelan producer. Ghersi has worked on Kanye West's album 'Yeezus', as well as with up-and-coming Mercury nominees FKA Twigs. This is being hailed as the Brooklyn-based producer's debut solo album but it is, in fact, just her first album as Arca. Initial copies available with a bonus 10" (this has now sold out!)
  • CD (CDSTUMM374)

Reverie / Saunter

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