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Ultimate Painting Vinyl, CD & tapes from this artist at Norman Records

Ultimate Painting
Live at Third Man Records

Ultimate Painting is the pairing of James Hoare and Jack Cooper, known for their excellent indie bands Veronica Falls and Mazes (respective...view item »

Ultimate Painting
Dust On My Eyes

Well this is nice. It’s two totally exclusive unavailable elsewhere tracks from pretty darn nice indie-poppers Ultimate Painting. We already know them from such albums as last years ‘Dusk’ where we found that  their charming understated indie rarely fails to satisfy. Lovely stuff. ...view item »

Ultimate Painting
Green Lanes

Imagine a cheery Lou Reed strutting down Stoke Newington high street on a sunny Wednesday morning. “How ya doin’ Mr Postman”, “Good to see you Mr Dealer”, he’s full of vitality as he flips an apple in the air. This is the image that Jack Cooper (Mazes)...view item »

Proper Ornaments

Well I'm enjoying this but I'm cold where I am sat so I'm going to have to whip through it before I freeze to death. Proper Ornaments are duo of people from Veronica Falls and Toy and Ultimate Paintings and yes you are right they make tuneful ...view item »

Ultimate Painting

Ultimate Painting are an example of one of those times where the side project becomes the main band. These members of Veronica Falls and Mazes would be hard pressed to find time for any other musical projects these days with the runaway success of this prolific thing. If st...view item »

Ultimate Painting
Ultimate Painting

I think someone has stolen the promo for this, I thought I'd pinched it but apparently not so. That is always the sign of a good record. Promo theft by eager ears. Two dudes build these ditties, one from Veronica Falls and the other from Mazes and they is baking a K...view item »