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The fruits of geographical relocation are well-documented. Like Bowie and Iggy's move to Berlin, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Itasca found that the move to New Mexico yielded delicious fruits that eventually coalesced into the form of her new album 'Spring'. It's a testament to the revitalising powers of change and the profound impact that setting can have on the aesthetic sensibility. 
  • CD (POB047CD)
  • Vinyl LP (POB047LP)

Open To Chance

Kayla Cohen is Itasca is downtempo folk music. Informed by her past life as a drone and noise merchant, the tunes on Open to Chance have a slow and constant bleed, making for a delightfully homogenous listen in the vein of Sibylle Baier's Colour Green. Most importantly, this record affirms Cohen's place as one of modern music's most understated guitarists, her picking patterns so good they're subliminal.
  • Vinyl LP (POB030LP)
  • CD (POB030CD)

Unmoored By The Wind

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