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Dralms Vinyl, CD & tapes by Dralms at Norman Records

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Vancouver-based artist Christopher Smith takes his laidback five-piece Dralms into rich emotional realms with Shook. Like a less sexy Air or a more sexy Antlers, Dralms are a dreamy, meandering prospect shown in their best light by superbly lush production. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Full Time Hobby.

Pillars & Pyre

Vancouver based Christopher Smith and Co. (Dralms, if you didn’t get that) mix live instrumentation and electronic textures into warm yet somber pop ballads, lyrically strong and driven. Features members of Siskiyou and Failing. The title track of this EP, Pillars and Pyre, is a rework of one of Smith’s solo works. Super-limited 12” vinyl in disco bag on Full Time Hobby.

Crushed Pleats

Crushed Pleats is the debut single of Vancouver-based Dralms. Building his solo output into a full band, lead songwriter Christopher Smith conjures some ethereal spookgaze that utilises guitars and electronic textures to provide a thick backdrop for his soft breathy voice (which sounds a lot like Caribou mainman Dan Snaith). Fans of chilled psychedelia and shoegaze will be right at home here.