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Sonder Somatic

After four years of building buzz via releases on labels like Timedance, Idle Hands and Livity Sound the Bristolian producer Bruce drops his debut LP via Pangaea/Pearson Sound/Ben UFO’s Hessle Audio. The one born Larry McCarthy has had a hand in the popularisation of the West Country soundsystem techno style that has made waves in the clubsphere of late. As such it's no surprise to find that the eleven tracks of Sonder Somatic hold bassweight and beats in perfect balance.
  • Vinyl Double LP (HESLP004)
  • CD (HESCD004)

What / Æon

Bruce is returning to Hessle Audio with a new LP at some point later this year. To whet our appetites for said album (title: Sonder Somatic) the one-time Timedance/Hemlock signee has dropped this limited-edish white-label. Both ‘What’ and ‘Aeon’, which mix techno and post-dubstep styles with panache, are classic Bruce fare. As one commenter on the Soundcloud link for ‘Aeon’ says: ‘sexi tune with layers like a moist guinness cake, pure icing this track is!!!’. Exactly.

rRoxymore / Bruce / Chekov
Patina Echoes Sampler

A nice mixed bag from Batu’s excellent Timedance imprint. Gearing up for the release of the label’s first compilation, Patina Echoes, this three-track sampler brings together old heads and new faces under the banner of forward-thinking soundsystem techno. rRoxymore and Chekov both turn in busy club jams, while Timedance veteran Bruce takes a left-turn into blissful weightless sound design.
  • Vinyl 12" (TIMEDANCE013)

Lurka / Bruce
Timedance Remixes

Having just released Batu’s Murmur EP the guys at Timedance thought it’d be a good time to ask some of their favourite artists to dive into their releases so far and remix the hell out of them. Remixes 1 is the first set (obviously) featuring Stenny remixing Lurka, and both Asusu and Mosca tackling Bruce.
  • Vinyl 12" (TIMEDANCE009)
  • Artist(s):
  • Bruce

I’m Alright Mate / Post Rave Wrestle

Man-named producerman Bruce ups the manliness with a heavy dose of masculinity rivalled only by Bicep for his latest 12" on Timedance. Despite the fact that both tracks are named after testosterone-fuelled sayings and frivolities, they aren't actually bro house - 'I'm Alright Mate' tracks a path through glitchy searing noises in order to make that sweet pumping techno music.
  • Vinyl 12" (TIMEDANCE006)
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  • Artist(s):
  • Bruce


With previous releases on Hessle Audio, Idle Hands, and Timedance Larry McCarty’s Bruce moniker as covered a wide range of the techno sonic landscape, from hard, ambient, and broken beat. These three tracks on Hemlock focus on a tighter minimal approach, with micro-production that makes every element flourish. From the near ambient night time slow stomp of Before You Sleep to the panicky Sweat.
  • Artist(s):
  • Bruce


No messing around with that name eh? Bruce keeps all his dramatic flair where it should be, in the music. Steals provides us with 3 new productions, which shift their sounds around in some pretty creative ways. They’ll keep you thinking just as they keep you moving: this is a well-skilled producer indeed. 12” vinyl on Hessle Audio.

The Trouble with Wilderness

Bruce follows up on releases for Livity Sound and Hessle Audio with 3 new cuts on Idle Hands. The Trouble with Wilderness is an even split between dancefloor action (albeit with a touch of melancholy) and subtler ambient house tracks. Plenty of space in these tracks, with each element sitting just where it is supposed to be.

Hodge / Bruce
Amor Fati (Peverelist Remix) / Tilikum (Hodge Remix)

Another release on Livity Sound’s conceptually insane reverse label dnouS ytiviL. Here we have two original tracks by Hodge and Bruce re-engineered by Peverelist and Hodge (so that Hodge gets to participate in two different ways! Both tracks pulse and flex their way to essential groover status. 12” vinyl.
  • Vinyl 12" (399YTIVIL)

Just Getting Started / Tilikum

UK electronic producer and rhythm fiend Bruce gets introduced on this 12" courtesy of the Livity Sound imprint. Bruce has been shrouded in mystery and it doesn't look like anyone's up for elucidating their identity, but they offer up some harsh vibes with their techno, which is forced forward with aggressive percussion work.