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Kleistwahr Vinyl, CD & tapes by Kleistwahr at Norman Records

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The Great Unlearning

More harsh nastiness from Ramleh, the power-electronics-turned-noise-rock outfit of Gary Mundy and Anthony Di Franco et al. With a title that nods towards Cornelius Cardew, The Great Unlearning is a double LP of dark rock-mode Ramleh, with plenty of electronic lashings and black psychedelia, as well as (apparently) some lyrics about social media. Philip Best and Sarah Froelich and the whole gang are involved. Out on Nashazphone.
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Down But Defiant Yet

'Down But Defiant Yet' manages to tread into numerous corners of rock and experimental music in a short space of time, with a meandering twin guitar opening giving way to avant and post rock styles via a healthy dose of noise and atmosphere. Whilst a contemporary release, here the band's history is well represented.

Music for Zeitgeist Fighters

Kleistwahr is Gary Mundy, who fans of ‘extreme’ music will recognise as a crucial component of Broken Flag, Ramleh and the noise / power electronics / industrial scene in general from back in the day. With that in mind, Music For Zeitgeist Fighters is very listenable, shading almost into warm psych-drone territory at times. LP release on Nashazphone.

The Return

Infamous for his work with Ramleh and Broken Flag, Gary Mundy’s work under his alias Kleistwahr is finally being reissued. Originally released on Noiseville Records, the folk at Fourth Dimension are bringing this noisework back on CD. And from the first notes, or hisses, or whatever the sound is, there is no doubt that The Return is back. Remastered and with two bonus tracks to boot.

Over Your Heads Forever

Kleistwahr is a pseudonym for Gary Mundy, long-active industrial music man and key member of noisy loose ends Ramleh. Over Your Heads Forever provides 8 new solo pieces, some of which arguably let a few shards of light into the dark howling void Mundy is so comfortable in. CD in a Broken Flag-style oversized sleeve.

The World Is Not My Home

One of the oldest and most renowned power electronics artists in the game, Gary Mundy is famous for using his alias Ramleh to make some of the most disturbing and overwhelming sounds out there. Kleistwahr is his second love, a project he has been working on modestly, with a slew of tapes over the years. 'The World Is Not My Home' documents his most recent work, including a variety of guitar compositions and heavier electronic sounds made over the last year. Believed by some die-hards to be where Mundy's best music goes, this Kleistwahr release is essential for those looking for their fix of heavy.