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crx091081gb Vinyl, CD & tapes by crx091081gb at Norman Records

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Becoming The Camracid

Becoming The Camracid is a set of dubby explorations of ambient space, dubbed down to cassette. crx091081gb, aka Robin Price, has rifled through the circuits of his synthesisers to produce these audio trips, with birdsong apparently a major inspiration. He also designed and laser-cut the artwork himself, so this is the full artistic package.
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  • crx091081gb

Trago Acid Mills

Robin Price -- who is debatably 'nicknamed' crx091081gb -- makes his own strand of impulsive, fluid acid and is set to release a new cassette full of it called 'Trago Acid Mills'. The title is an ode to the department stores in the South West, and the record spends time mapping the bizarre landscape it's named after. Price's songs are slow-burners of sorts, starting with downbeat chimes and nuggets of sound before becoming enveloped in lightning fast beats and robotic synth. 'Trago Acid Mills' sounds both full of acid tricks and subtly ethereal at the same time -- and he makes a good climax, does Price.