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Lift Music

Chris Tate of D_rradio’s second full length as Score. With dashes of Tortoise, Mogwai and Helios, Score always stays soft and keeps the post rock vibes under a sheen of sweet electronic manipulations, glitches and ambiance...view item »


Another stonker in this week from Japan's Symbolic Interaction label. This one is a brand new 2CD opus from d_rradio. Double cripes! Despite 2 disc sets taking up a lot listeing time when there's so much music to listen to out there I'm quite into them at the mo. It's like double the fun... especially when they're only 8.19 which is about the sa...view item »


What we’ve got here is seven songs of quite upbeat krauty post-rock with synths and liberal use of the delay pedal. I’ve heard this band DeathRowRadio before and don’t remember them being quite as uplifting as this here CD, but it was a long time ago and my tastes have probably matured sinc...view item »


Well there's not much to say about this other than the pressing is a bit shite, it's the same style as those anniversary Basic Channel re-issues if you ever saw them, essentially a clear vinyl with a load of squid ink smog billowing around to give the impression of noxious fumes. The firs...view item »

D_rradio/ Marcia Blaine School For Girls

On Awkward Silence first up Marcia Blaine School For Girls and d_rradio. Marcia Blaine is good rhythmic electronica a la Gescom and/or EU. d_rradio are an excellent  new band from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne like whose demo impressed us earlier in the year. Its mellow drifty...view item »

Various (Jasper TX, d_rradio, Boats, everyone in the world, ever)
Minute Papillon

Good things come in all shapes and sizes and this particularly goodie comes in a small box complete with printed inner, badge, a mini magnifying glass and a CD on a nipple thing. I had no idea what the need for a magnifying glass was until I took the CD off the nipple and was confronted with the smallest text I'd ever seen. And after holding the...view item »


Hey we got another exclusive guys! This one is a CD by d_rradio and fortunately it's fucking great so it's one we can be proud of getting. It's one of those cutesy 3" CD's on the Rural Colours label and we've got a handful of copies to sell! Fans of neo classical drone music take note as you've got something you're gonna want here! It's very rem...view item »


South Shields' finest return with their fourth (I think!) album, following on from Norman Records' fave 'Leaves'. Gradually their sound has become more and more organic which is particularly evident here. I'm finding what I'm hearing difficult to translate into words as things move very quickly, what with 19 tracks, sort of serving as vignettes ...view item »

d_rradio & Lianne Hall
Making Spaces

Newcastle IDM/post rockers D_rradio team up with folkster Lianne Hall for a collaboration album which had me concerned that it was going to be more skittery electronica meets folk a la Tunng which on the evidence of the first track thankfully it isn't. The band create circular melodies with loops, strings and what appears to be backwards clarine...view item »


Newcastle's Distraction label serve up another offering from d_rradio and this one's a good 'un. It's a full album worth of organic and synthetic sounds. Yes that's correct anyone following d_rradio has only had their mitts on singles so far (on static Caravan among other labels) so it is a real treat to get sat down and listen to their debut self ...view item »

d_rradio Remixed

I swear the second track on this one sounds exactly like John Fahey covering Guns n' Roses' classic 'Don't Cry' over a backpack hip-hop beat, it's fucking weird. Got to respect W. Axl Rose PhD's denim cutoff hotpants in the comically overwrought video though; how in FUCK did the original orange goblin end up with Stephanie Seymour back then? That...view item »


Static Caravan's little starlets d_rradio have most hilariously entitled their debut CD 'u_nderscore' in case you didn't notice their search engine baiting moniker. Wider in scope production wise than the singles, this is spacey rhythmic instrumental stuff in the vein of  Tortoise, Sybarite & E*vax. It really could...view item »

You Hold My Breath

Geordie label Distraction Records treat our earbuds to another tasty 7" from the mighty fine D_RRADIO and what a pretty little thing it is too. 'You Hold My Breath' is a decent enough track but it's the B-side that really pricks my ears up and grabs me. 'Out Of Love' really is very charming with its sweet heartwarming m...view item »

Born / Come To Light

Nice little glitchy melodic 7" on geordie label distraction records. Its by d_rradio and is really quite sweet. The sound is very emotional and the kind of cut up tricky sound makes the noises seem as if they're struggling to have their say. There is a sample of a kid talking about the universe which adds another layer of ...view item »

Dear John / Pick Me Up

The rather excellent  Distraction label have released a 2nd 7" by D_rradio. I do believe this is a 3 part series with the 3rd 7" to follow in the future. I could be making that up but it does ring some kind of bell. Ex Static Caravan melodic electronica with a slight crunchy biscuit base. Like a good cheeseca...view item »