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HOLOVR Vinyl, CD & tapes by HOLOVR at Norman Records

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Trace Realm EP

Opal Tapes alumni HOLOVR lands on Firecracker Recordings. The Trace Realm EP on vinyl 12” stretches out warped acid house basslines and chattering drum machines into expansive ambient music. Long minimal synth drones are combined with off-grid drum programming and new-age textures. The music reflects a dark side of the chill-out area.

Likemind 05

Retro vibes from underground electronica / ambient stalwart Jimmy Billingham, enjoying a home on the long revered Likemind Records. Full of the kind of pads, bleeps and cross rhythm arpeggios that gave early Aphex, The Irresistible Force and Global Communication their characters, it's as fresh as it is nostalgic.

Anterior Space

HOLOVR is the work of Jimmy Billingham, a busy producer with a handful of other aliases on the go as well (Venn Rain, Tidal, Holographic Mind…). Anterior Space is particularly notable as the first HOLOVR release to feature no beats, which allows the space-ambience of Billingham’s synths to really settle in. LP release on Further Records.

Line of Flight

HOLOVR's a busy guy, having recently put out an LP on Opal Tapes and self-releasing an actual tape. Line of Flight, out on Indole, moves on from that, flying along the line between trance-inducing synth layers and simmering acid bass all underpinned by evolving rhythmic patterns. Let's get cosmic.

Holo Earth

Holovr slots in with the esoteric world-view of Opal Tapes with this jagged collection of electronic experiments that bleed dubstep, ambient and IDM in a distantly encoded industrial framework. Holo Earth is a record of waiting, the feeling of being suspended mid-air, and never expecting to come down.