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Claude Speeed Vinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records

Claude Speeed
Other Infinities

One of Planet Mu’s two Christmas cassettes is Claude Speeed’s Other Infinities, a companion piece to the Infinity Ult...view item »

Claude Speeed
Infinity Ultra

Here is that Claude that can’t spell his own name right making a big record for Paradinas’ Planet Mu. He was pretty impressive on that Sun Czar Temple thing also on Mu but it felt quite brief and you could tell that he had a few more ideas to share, and boy, are there ideas here. So many that he may have even gone a bit far ...view item »

Claude Speeed
Sun Czar Temple

It’s the 20th anniversary of Planet Mu, and to celebrate the fact that the time since the label was founded is currently divisible by 10, they’re plonking stickers on the front of one of their first 2015 releases, Sun Czar Temple. Scottish electronic dreamer Claude Speeed (with 3 ‘e’s to let you know just how muc...view item »