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Claude Speeed
Sun Czar Temple

Rich textured electronic noises from Scotland’s Claude Speeed. FAO fans of the softer side of Tim Hecker, Fennesz et al. At times recalling the bleepy arpeggios of early Emeralds yet with a much more synthetic edge, Sun Czar Temple is well worth diving into. Available on 12” vinyl from Planet Mu.
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Claude Speeed
Infinity Ultra

Claude Speeed has returned, and he's turning up the heat. For Infinity Ultra, his second LP, he has channelled an impressive array of musical and psycho-geographical influences. Children's cartoons, grand artworks and vacant, deserted spaces all played their parts in the conception of this record. All the better for him to process the madness and contradictions of modern living. On Planet Mu.

Claude Speeed
My Skeleton

Almost every track on ‘My Skeleton’ features field recordings made on far away buses, trains, airports, cities, parks, temples, forests and jungles, floors, hotels, hostels, friends’ sofas. Written on a netbook with various borrowed headphones and recorded and mixed in the cold European winter at Sunwheel II in Berlin and Hudson Mohawke’s studio in London.

Claude Speeed
Other Infinities

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