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Puce Mary Vinyl, CD & tapes by Puce Mary at Norman Records

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Puce Mary
The Drought

Frederikke Hoffmeier aka Copenhagener Puce Mary joins PAN for her new album The Drought, where she is found tucking in to the world’s most suspicious-looking apple. The image suggests themes of temptation, self-destruction and self-preservation are encountered in these new tracks, while compositionally Hoffmeier seems to be using decidedly less aggression and more vulnerability and melody than we’ve heard from her before.

Trials and Tribulations

To what does the name JH1.FS3 refer? Was it an asteroid? A postcode? An attempt to decipher a doctor’s note? I can at least tell you who’s in it: Frederikke Hoffmeier a.k.a. Puce Mary and Jesse Sanes a.k.a. Liebstod. They’ve worked together in Fejhed and Free the Land, but here’s their debut album with this project. Dark, intense and emotionally raw stuff.

Puce Mary
The Spiral

As ever with Puce Mary, The Spiral is an intense listening journey into the soul of the artist, expressed through hammering industrial rhythms, cold synth-scapes and pained vocals. Not to mention the scouring curtains of noise. This brutal listen is Puce Mary’s third LP for the Posh Isolation label, cornerstone of her Danish homeland’s scene.

Loke Rahbek & Puce Mary
The Female Form

The dark Danish sound of the Posh Isolation label is very well represented by this collaboration between one of its bosses, Loke Rahbek, and one of its harshest stars, Puce Mary. The Female Form digs into a bleak soundworld of droning electroacoustics, keeping the listener at a distance even as they are enticed. Vinyl LP.
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Puce Mary

With her second solo full length Puce Mary proves herself to be one of the most interesting projects around today. "Persona" manages to balance the hyper personal universe of the artist with enough care for presentation to make it valuable for everyone to listen to, and take part in her experience. And she does that through six tracks, that each take their own place while corresponding beautifully with its neighbors. From primitive rhythmic patterns to elaborate drone pieces and pain stricken vocals. Insisting on finding new routes for the work and with a rare honesty, "Persona" holds its listener captive from start to finish.