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Alien Ensemble
Alien Ensemble 2

Micha Archer of The Notwist (along with drummer Andreas Harberl) set up Alien Ensemble to explore instrumental arrangement, to take it down a gear, and strip things back. Their second album is further stripped back with it sounding like a backing band to jazz pieces without the soloing madman upfront. Sometimes krauty sometimes lounge-appropriate, but really quite serene.
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Alien Ensemble
Alien Ensemble

Attempting to contact other intelligent life forms with the Alien Ensemble. Their self-titled record is the bands own take on improvised music. Taking ideas and concepts from the history of jazz, their sound blends Gil Evans-ish arranging techniques, Sun Ra harmonic forays and contemporary textures a la Brian Blade et al. This all acoustic group also stray into less abstract sounds of european folk and popular music territory. Out on vinyl LP and CD from Alien Transistor.