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Different Fountains Vinyl, CD & tapes by Different Fountains at Norman Records

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Different Fountains
Shrimp That Sleeps

Brussels-based electronic duo Different Fountains have, for a few years now, been central proponents of Brussels’ modern electronic music scene. ‘Shrimp That Sleeps’ is their first full-length LP following the release of a 7” and 12” single on their own label, Different Fountains Editions. Featuring nine tracks on vinyl and ten on CD, 'Shrimp That Sleeps' is as engaging as it is absorbing, and touches upon subtle house music, post-rock, ambient and atmospheric pop.
  • Vinyl LP (MEA014 + DFE005)
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Different Fountains

Different Fountains releases a new EP titled ‘Muybridge’ on their own DFE imprint following their previous 'Deep Home' EP. The A-side drops with ‘Muybridge’ - a bouncy meandering bass bomb featuring chanting background vocals in an unknown language on a psychadelic latin-house-groove. Karen Gwyer re-arranges that track to a boisterous floor bender with a surprising build up. Flip side comes with a dirty 8 minute mesh up of one of Brian Gysin’s permutated poems dissolving in a marvelous piano solo. Covers are unique and hand drawn. Limited edition vinyl via clone distribution.