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Electric Moon
Stardust Rituals

Electric Moon’s Stardust Rituals has reportedly been brewing for a long while now, with one track dating back to 2014. But it sounds like the extra time taken has just allowed the music to infuse the psychedelic spirit of the cosmos that bit deeper: this music really does feel like a trip to somewhere special. CD ...view item »

Zone Six
Forever Hugo

Here's an example of psych rock being fun. Zone Six are a long running improvised trance rock band that feature members of Electric Moon and Sula Bassana. This is a recording of the freaking the heck out at a venue “Graf Hugo“ in Feldkirch, Austria. The sort of amazing place tha...view item »

Electric Moon
The Doomsday Machine

Swans and Om take mescaline and go on a kraut-rock inner journey through the desert..maaaan.. Droning and heavy, and it goes on and on, building to incredibly intense peaks, psychedelic wig outs on fuzzed-to-hell guitars. Tracks averaging at about 15 minutes a piece, you might get lost. Question is will you come...view item »

Electric Moon
Flaming Lake

Electric Moon present four live tracks that stretch out almost to the full duration of the CD: yes ladies and gentlemen, we are dealing with space-rock here! Travel deep into the inner cosmos people! Flaming Lake was first released a few years ago as a highly-limited CDr, but is now fully available as a pro-duped CD on ...view item »

Electric Moon
Theory of Mind

Bring the psychedelics, because Electric Moon have a total trip of a record to present to you. Theory Of Mind’s four tracks all hover around the fifteen minute mark, during which the group slowly ascend to those third eye peaks. Magic eye painting on the cover too apparently, for full effect! CD release on Sulatro...view item »

Electric Moon
Mind Explosion

Relentless and never-ending psych grooves are what Electric Moon are about, making a sound as heavy and repetitive as the greatest doom metal, but brighter and more colourful. 'Mind Explosion' offers up some long-winded tunes from their live show in Feldkirch, Austria, trying to show off the raw and primal energy the band produce when they'...view item »

Electric Moon

German psychedelic rockers Electric Moon present an official CD release of their 2011 album (previously available on CD-R and LP) which takes the listener on a journey through the mind’s eye and deep into the heart of the universe. Engagingly loose and spacious, ‘Inferno’ evokes the sounds and atmospheres ...view item »

Electric Moon
Lunatics & Lunatics Revenge

New double-cd version of long-form psych-rockers’ first album. After the blazing recent Great Pop Supplement 12”, here’s a chance to track-back and rock-out. Electric Moon initially released these as two separate LPs and they're here for the first time in one place. On Sulatron Records ...view item »

Electric Moon
Innside Outside

Stoner rock fans will be well excited to get their hands on this new Electric Moon offering. There's two side-long tracks here which are just lengthy riff-rituals in a pummelling monotone a la Bong, Cosmic Dead, etc. Side A, 'Innside' starts out cosmic and slowly builds into a maelst...view item »