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Age Hasn't Spoiled You

If you believe what you read, Toronto post-punk band Greys have matured into a less noisy, more thoughtful band for their third album, Age Hasn’t Spoiled You. Judging by the track 'These Things Happen' that’s not necessarily the case. They still have that racket-making ability, coupled with an ear for melody. Basically, old fans have no need to worry. On Carpark.

Outer Heaven

Greys started out as a noise rock band, and, to an extent, they still are. But on Outer Heaven, the harshness sits alongside notably-melodic tunes and some more dream-pop textures. So what they end up with is both sweet and sour, and also charged with an angry / ecstatic energy: a pretty great formula! On Carpark.

If Anything

Greys are a canadian punk rock band with the sole aim of making a noisy old racket about everything on If Anything. The band spew out short bursts of angry noise aimed at giving you and ya mates a good old-school party while annoying the neighbours -- what could be much better? For fans of Fugazi and other such noisy '90s bands. Available on limited coloured vinyl as well as black and CD. Vinyl comes with download code.