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This lady Patricia is actually a man called Max - big reveal. As Patricia, he explores lightness and longing through hefty dancefloor numbers that proudly utilise hardware machines to achieve their floaty rhythmic intensity. Featuring collaborative artwork and B-side etching from Dutch artist Louis Reith.
  • Vinyl 12" (SHP56)
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  • Limited edition

Several Shades Of The Same Color - Part 3

Patricia (actually a guy, called Max Ravitz), releases the third and final part of the Several Shades Of The Same Colour album. Multi-angled creative techno is the name of the game, with Part Three presenting a particularly vivid offering. Five tracks, including one that features Terekke as a guest. LP release on Spectral.

Several Shades Of The Same Color - Part 1

Making sense of some of these press releases makes my brain want to turn itself inside out. Luckily the one phrase 'multifaceted techno trip" pretty much describes the music of Patricia (actually a man  - whoda thunk?) and from the earlier work by this shadowy composer I deduce that this will be well worth waiting out for for fans of dark techno, miserable synth, Demdike Stare and Stotty.  
  • Vinyl LP (SPC-138A)

Deep Florida

See the menacing alligator on the sleeve art of Deep Florida and imagine the humid, murky depths of sound that Inhalants manage to reach on this release. Together, Jahiliyya Fields and Max Ravitx creep their drum machines and synths along the bottom of the swamp, making for compelling muggy atmospheres. 12” LP on L.I.E.S.