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Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou
May Our Chambers Be Full

Emma Ruth Rundle is known for making post-rock flecked folk music, whilst Thou make sludgy doom rock underpinned by downtuned guitars. So what are they doing making an album together you ask? Well, Walter Hoeijmakers who organises the Roadburn festival thought it would be a good idea and got them together. May Our Chambers Be Full is the resulting album and proof that Hoeijmakers was right.

Emma Ruth Rundle / Jaye Jayle
Time Between Us

Three new tracks apiece from both Emma Ruth Rundle and Jaye Jayle here on this split album. Both play a form of brooding alternative rock, although rather different forms: Emma’s sound is lush and emotional and lends itself to an acoustic track, whereas Jaye are heavy and tense and motorik-driven. Time Between Us is released by the Sargent House label.

Emma Ruth Rundle
Some Heavy Ocean

A highly accomplished debut solo album from Red Sparrows and Marriages singer Emma Ruth Rundle. Much like her band efforts, Some Heavy Ocean adopts a gothic-hued post-rock template to great effect. This time she lets her Elizabeth Frazer-esque voice fly above the instrumental soundscape. Except with actual words. Out on CD & vinyl LP from Sargent House.

Emma Ruth Rundle
On Dark Horses

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Emma Ruth Rundle
Marked For Death

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