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Curtis Harding
Face Your Fear

Atlanta’s Curtis Harding turns in an album of hard-bitten funk and soul that bears great reverence for the titans of 70s American black music. Shuggie Otis, Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye are obvious touchstones for Face Your Fear, and Harding’s fabulous voice and strong songwriting chops means he deserves to be mentioned in the same bracket. Production from Danger Mouse sees the LP straddle the old- and new-schools with aplomb.
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  • Curtis Harding

Curtis Harding
Soul Power

35 year old guitarist, singer and songwriter Curtis Harding settled in Atlanta, Georgia after travelling all over the US with his family as a kid. Those travels helped gather musical inspiration for Soul Power, where he fuses southern garage rock with soul, blues and indie to make a soulful yet gritty rock album. Soul Power is available on vinyl LP and CD.