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Rodd Keith Vinyl, CD & tapes by Rodd Keith at Norman Records

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Rodd Keith
My Pipe Yellow Dream

Anthologies and reissues are somewhat of a forte here at Norman Records, so this Rodd Keith compilation was right up our alley. Putting strangers’ words to music with his personal and singular style, he’s always been a fringe favorite of those in the know. My Pipe Yellow Dream is his second compilation for Rotario, hopefully with more to follow.

Rodd Keith
Black Phoenix Blues

Back with recordings from the late 60s and early 70s, sounding like a lo-fi one-take recording in an empty bar, Rodd Keith’s vocal chords seem linked directly to our heart strings. Plucking away at them on the 16 previously unrecorded tracks that form Black Phoneix Blues, Keith is back - at least while the record spins.

Rodd Keith
Saucers In The Sky

A nostalgic collection shining a light on the lesser known musician Rodd Keith. Perhaps the most ‘famous’ of all the song poets ripped off by song-sharking scams, Keith is posthumously given his due with a compilation of just some of the hundreds of songs he penned before his untimely death in 1974. Out on CD from Roaratorio.