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Philip Corner Vinyl, CD & tapes by Philip Corner at Norman Records

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Philip Corner
EXTREEMIZMS, early & late

Very exciting release this one: a bunch of Phillip Corner’s experimental instrumental pieces, from both 1958 and 2015-2016. Nine pieces, performed primarily by Silvia Tarozzi and Deborah Walker but also with notable additions from Rhodri Davies and Corner himself! EXTREEMIZMS, early & late is a remarkable and crucial set of strange and underheard music, out from Unseen Worlds.
  • CD (UW21CD)

Philip Corner
Gong / Ear : dance-ing, 1 & 2

“BWEEEEEAAANG!” said the gong. “Crackle” said the feedback-loop. And so they went on, infinitely growing while staying the same. Philip Corner’s insane project featuring a gong and a dancer, recorded in 1989, is about sound, noise, meditation and enlightenment. There’s only 305 copies going round, and they included a brass gong.