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XOR Gate
Conic Sections

XOR Gate is a new alias of Gerald Donald. If I have to tell you who this man is, then quite frankly, your existence thus far has been a monumental failure. If you’re looking for some sort of credible, valuable critique of this record, then you’ve so come to the wrong place. If someone as much as mumbles the words Dopplereffekt or Dre...view item »

Cellular Automata

Exciting times afoot as Dopplereffekt announce their first full-length album release in a decade! Cellular Automata is an album derived from various mathematical processes, but still maintaining the crucial power you’d expect from a Gerald Donald (also of Drexciya!) project. LP in...view item »

Dopplereffekt / Objekt

Dopplereffekt return to Leisure System following up the wicked 'Tetrahymena' EP and also the lovely 12" with Visonia for Last Known Trajectory. I've always been a sucker for Gerald Donald's pr...view item »

Tetrahymena EP

Leisure System Records bring you the latest 12” from Detroit techno heads Dopplereffekt, A side ‘Tetrahymena’ is a dark bass stonker with ethereal keys and voices, springy synths bounce around a twitchy beat that make for a pretty scary listen. Side B open...view item »

The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate

It's fucking hard to categorize Drexciya (& their many fantastic offshoots)! I say bloody just as well cos as a guy that has to do reviews every week, i'm bloody sick of trying! The finest tunes have their own agenda, away from idiots with little boxes. Ok, if I were to put them in a box it'd be a big thick waterproof laminated one with a thriv...view item »


When Detroit’s Dopplereffekt emerged in 1995 it was like a bomb went off. Unleashing their unique brand of sterile machine funk electro onto the world, heavily influenced by Kraftwerk’s Man-Machine aesthetic they would go on to inspire (and continue to inspire) the next wave of electro ...view item »