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Major Changes

Doormouse. Funny noisy bloke whose gibbercore breaks & hard twisted gabber fixation has mutated into something more twisted jazz/music hall in recent times. See what comedy nutter End does with all those quirky organ pumps & speeded up double bass, marrying it all to frantic pogo beats? Well this is the more free jazz end...view item »

Doormouse, Otto Von Schirach, Various
Ye Olde Barn


More genuine insanity from Planet Mu with a new CD by Doormouse. Insane splattercore with an unhealthy liking for Georgey Michael. Makes Hellfish sound like the Secret Goldfish.Thoe who enjoy Hellfish will like this and those who've been after something a little harde...view item »

Doormouse, End, Ove-Naxx, Various

I love these bonkers Japanese folk who gleefully throw comp CDs of random breakcore gibberish in the post at us then expect us to make some sense of it all. The sonic fallout & cranium busting horror-squall that vomits from our speakers after 'Tsunbosajiki' is bloody hilarious & rather disturbing. There's this track on V/VM's 'St...view item »

Xylophone Jism

Doormouse is back with a CD on Cock Rock Disco. The nutty bugger has given this the snappy title 'Stanley Yershonowski presents Xylophone Jism as the ridiculator' Thanks man!! One of a growing breed of extreme electronic annoyance dudes, he runs the esteemed Addict records & has produced countless platters of twisted ga...view item »

Method/ Freaked Outness

Even more mental, it seems, is a double CD from New Zealand, courtesy of the enigmatic (former Planet Mu star) Doormouse. The Violent Turd  imprint releases not 1 but 2 lp's here, the first a mix from vinyl called 'The Method' containing the most baffling array of artists, ranging from Ven...view item »