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Continuous Portrait

Matthew Robert Cooper (a.k.a. Eluvium) and Explosions In The Sky’s Mark T. Smith collaborate once again as Inventions, presenting their third studio album Continuous Portrait. It’s the boldest and least characteristic work yet, at least in terms of what you might expect given their own work, but it’s hypnotic and playful enough to fit in with 2014’s self-titled effort and 2015’s Maze of Woods. 

Blanket Waves

Inventions is a still relatively new duo made up of alumni of Eluvium and Explosions In The Sky. With this, their third album in not much more than a year, they combine the epic scale and the emotional intimacy of their approaches into a warm, melodic, semi-abstract pair of pieces. Limited edition LP on Temporary Residence.

Maze of Woods

Maze of Woods is the ultimate slice of second-gen post-rock nostalgia. Combining the ethereal, crystalline guitars of Explosions In The Sky -- with as many crescendos as you like -- with Matthew Cooper's neo-classical drone, the sparkly super-group known as Inventions make evocative and reassuringly pretty music.