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Funky Doodle
Live From Yellowknife

Funky Doodle went to town sat upon a pony, the did a show on New Year's Day and called in macaroni. Live From Yellowknife is the one and only performance of Funk Doodle, a collaboration between DJ Richard, James K and Draveng. Together they brought in the new year the only way they knew how, with brooding and unsettling electronic drones.
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DJ Richard
Dies Iræ Xerox

House bloodsucker DJ Richard returns with another record of sublimity in Dies Irae Xerox. As if Grind wasn't already unsettling enough, it looks like this one's going to continue to be bright sparks of light from dank dour corners, another record of groovy hope from a producer who can't stop wowing us. Playing with swelling ambience this time round, Richard's sound finds its expansion pack.

DJ Richard
Path Of Ruin

DJ Richard’s Grind LP was one of the most celebrated house-centric albums of 2015, and now the lesser-spotted producer is back with a new EP on Hamburg stable Dial. The same rich atmospheres prevail on this EP, but there’s plenty to set the record apart. Just try getting your head around the abrasive drum bite and lopsided organ refrain that courses through “Gargoyle”, or maybe cut adrift into the bombastic synth soundtrack ambience of “Stygian Freeze”. In just three tracks our Richard manages to say a lot. 

DJ Richard

Grind is the first full-length album release of White Material boss DJ Richard, and it comes with some anticipation. And it’s a big one, full of brooding atmospheres that tip inevitably over into club drama. Although at times, this could almost be a dark ambient record.. Nine tracks over two LPs (or one CD), on the Dial label.

DJ Richard

Semi-anonymous DJ Richard and the rest of the White Material gang came up through the underground experimental noise scene, before shedding that skin and turning his attentions to club-efficient ghetto house, though a sonic adventurousness is still very much in evidence. Repress of the fast-to-sell-out 2012 edition.