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Broken English Club
White Rats II

Oliver Ho returns with his second Broken English Club album White Rats II. Presented over 12 tracks and four sides of vinyl for the L.I.E.S. imprint, it's an immersion in the past, present and future of techno, ranging from dancefloor-orientated workouts and head-banging bass to vistas of industrial noise. 

Slow White Fall
Total EP

Oliver Ho aka Broken English Club aka Zov Zov aka Slow White Fall is, and I mean this in the best possible way, a very noisy boy. Here, on Total EP, he uses guitars, drums and synths, to create a proper industrial droning racket that is as likely to make you think of Tony Conrad as it is Godflesh. On Downwards.
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  • Broken English Club

Broken English Club / Claus Fuss
Citrinitas Edition

Split twelve of dark, heavy sounds from Khemia Records between Broken English Club and Claus Fuss. On the A-side of Citrinitus Edition, with its indecipherably ranted vocals, darkly comic bass pattern and a title that spells “of” with a [v], the Broken English Club cut is straight out of the 1980s post-punk/industrial canon. Fantastic clanking rhythms to boot. Claus Fuss shifts the tone on the flip side to that of a brutally heavy rave, using sparse FX to great effect.
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Broken English Club
White Rats

Will you just look at that incredible tangle of fishnetted legs? You'd think it would be sexy but it's just....disturbing.  It sort of suits the music of Oliver Ho though with it's mixture of synthwave, metallic acid tracks and guitar drone with a heavy industrial influence. This is part one of a three album trilogy. You have been warned.   

Zov Zov
Fata Morgana

Zov Zov is Oliver Ho (aka Broken English Club) and Tommy Gillard, a partnership here resulting in contrasting timbres of physical and synthetic sound. Shades of ritual sound creep in, offering a gentle sense of delicacy alongside the post-industrial threats from heavier instruments and woozy rhythmic explorations. A captivating and rewarding listen.

Broken English Club
The English Beach

Although Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. label seems quintessentially New York, here it is releasing an album that is specifically about Dungeness, Kent. Broken English Club explores this desolate English Beach via heavy industrial acid attacks and crackling vocal samples. It doesn’t feel very pastoral, but Dungeness is overlooked by a nuclear power plant, so why should it? Double LP.

Broken English Club
Suburban Hunting

Suburban Hunting is where Broken English Club brings together his disparate interests into a coherent whole. He uses the inspiration of musics like grindcore and noise (one of the tracks is named after a Napalm Death tune) to make brutalist, mostly danceable electronic music. Double 12” set on black and clear splatter vinyl, in an edition of 999 copies.

Broken English Club
Scars EP

A strong four-tracker from Oliver Ho a.k.a Broken English Club. Bleak, propulsive and dripping with sweat the Scars EP manages to make an industrial post-punk aesthetic simultaneously cold as ice but with a human warmth. Not dissimilar to the early promise of Daniel Avery. Out on limited edition clear vinyl on Cititrax. 

Silent Servant / Broken English Club
Split EP

'Split EP' is a pretty self-explanatory title for this EP of aggressive fun-time electronic music. On one side you've got Silent Servant, the overlord of spooky techno himself, and on the other stands Broken English Club, who also makes techno of a rather cerebral industrial fashion. Cititrax clearly thought that they sounded similar, or that they'd look adorable in a press shot together, and made this split EP happen. The techno heads rise and speak.

Broken English Club
Jealous God 4