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This Mess Is a Place

Is it a taco? Is it a cat? Is it both - or perhaps … neither? Whatever a Tacocat is, we can say with confidence that it’s from Seattle, contains four humans (‘Tacopeople’?) and has just made its fourth LP in the form of This Mess Is A Place. This record is a peppy thing that polishes the group’s lo-fi grunge-pop sound with some pop influences, warm vocal harmonies and great production. It kind of reminds us of The Long Blondes actually.

Lost Time

Album the third from Tacocat, a group who spit intelligent fire about a few of the bullshit aspects of society: sexism and disrespect for service industry workers for starters. The songs are propelled with a beautiful pop-punk sound, bright melodies and thrashed guitars. Lost Time is out on Hardly Art.


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