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Oliver Cherer
I Feel Nothing Most Days

Londoner Oliver Cherer is prolific. For the last few years he’s clocked up more than an album a year, either under his own name or as Dollboy or Gilroy Mere. The songs on his latest album, I Feel Nothing Most Days, date back to 1983, and were inspired by Ben Watt, Robert Wyatt and The Durutti Column. The discovery the songs on some old cassettes coupled with the fact that he found himself in possession of one of Vini Rielly’s guitars motivated him to finish the songs. LP on Second Language.

Rites and Rituals

Multi-instrumentalist Oliver Cherer turns in an album of contemporary folk for Modern Aviation. Hurdy-gurdy, droning synths, acoustic guitar, drums and more, largely played by Cherer himself, form the basis of the Dollboy sound. A wordless affair, Rites and Rituals uses folk as a jumping off point from which to incorporate elements of ambient, drone, psychedelia and more. The effect is akin to Richard Dawson and John Johanna.

Gilroy Mere
The Green Line

Debut album of Oliver Cherer’s (Dollboy, The Wrestler, Rhododendron) latest project Gilroy Mere. Mixing electronica, folk and the inspiration of the now gone green line buses in London, The Green Line is a joyous folk-tronica look back of the hustle and bustle of 50s and 60s london through a child’s eyes.

Oliver Cherer
The Myth of Violet Meek

The release date of Oliver Cherer’s second album, The Myth of Violet Meek, gives an indication of the mood of the music within. Late September brings with it the slow decline of Summer and the quickening of the night. Cherer’s album seems to fall into a tradition of folk songs and tales, sung over gentle strings. It’s a wonderful soundtrack to a moody, Autumnal evening.
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