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A collision of techno and minimalist classical music, Masks - a New York duo consisting of Patricia’s Max Ravitz and Arp’s Alexis Georgopoulos - deliver their bluntly titled second effort EP2. Constructed from live performances and without overdubs, the EP consists of three original cuts and a Bookworms remix of ‘In This Room’. 

Heavy Merging

Another record of warm, slightly weird techno from Patricia here. Heavy Merging finds the Brooklyn-based artist returning to Opal Tapes sub-label Black Opal (J. Albert, Cloudface). This is an EP of muted club tackle characterised by lo-fi drum takes and watercolour synths. Think Huerco S. dropping something via Analogical Force.

Free Lunch

After releases on labels like Spectral Sound and Opal Tapes, Patricia makes the switch to Nona Records (Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Kadaver) for the latest drop. The one born Max Ravitz - you may also know him as any from Inhalants, Masks and Pulpo - serves up five more slices of hissing electro here. Free Lunch will please anyone who dug Patricia’s recent triple LP Several Shades Of The Same Colour.


This lady Patricia is actually a man called Max - big reveal. As Patricia, he explores lightness and longing through hefty dancefloor numbers that proudly utilise hardware machines to achieve their floaty rhythmic intensity. Featuring collaborative artwork and B-side etching from Dutch artist Louis Reith.
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Several Shades Of The Same Color - Part 3

Patricia (actually a guy, called Max Ravitz), releases the third and final part of the Several Shades Of The Same Colour album. Multi-angled creative techno is the name of the game, with Part Three presenting a particularly vivid offering. Five tracks, including one that features Terekke as a guest. LP release on Spectral.

Several Shades Of The Same Color - Part 1

Making sense of some of these press releases makes my brain want to turn itself inside out. Luckily the one phrase 'multifaceted techno trip" pretty much describes the music of Patricia (actually a man  - whoda thunk?) and from the earlier work by this shadowy composer I deduce that this will be well worth waiting out for for fans of dark techno, miserable synth, Demdike Stare and Stotty.  

J. Albert / Patricia / Segv / Nick Klein / Gaul Plus

This third release on the Broken Call label features tracks from 5 different artists, presented in no-nonsense style with a catalogue number for a title. On BC003, producers including Patricia (Opal Tapes) Nick Klein (Ascetic House, Unknown Precept), Segv (Sly Fox Records) and Gaul Plus turn in pieces of music that are dance-friendly, but also disorienting, confusing, and a little dark. Just how we like it!

Bem Inventory

EP on 12” Vinyl. It’s been pretty much a year since the last Patricia release, with the Side Piece EP. Now returning to Opal Tapes Bem Inventory offers six tracks of thick pounding techno, but Patricia always manages to add a warmth to the cold-defined genre, with tracks seemingly hard-hitting to begin with they blend into rhythmic lush soundscapes. Comes with download code and full colour artwork by Louis Johnstone and Max Ravitz.

Side Piece EP

The press info on this advises not to bother googling Patricia. Two reasons: one you could wind up on some Patricia Routledge sitcom and  two they suggest that Patricia's music really should be heard on vinyl, in a real place either on vinyl or in a club. Not on a bloody computer! There are three original tracks on this EP and a remix. Its low end bass music, percussive techno with wierd almost sub bass voice samples. Dark and dank acidy squiggles and lots of 808 rhythms.  This will appeal to fans of vintage midwestern techno and some of Aphex Twins more acidy outings. Its minimal stuff but entertaining. The remix comes from Ghostly stalwart Tadd Mullinix's JTC moniker.