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Jaye Jayle

Electing to temporarily drop his regular backing band to work with Chelsea Wolfe collaborator Ben Chisholm, Evan Patterson’s Jaye Jayle project produces its most ambitious musical statement yet. Originating as a commission from couture designer Ashley Rose and created largely with the GarageBand app, Prisyn makes the very most of its restricted palette. 

Jaye Jayle
No Trail and Other Unholy Paths

The latest LP from the doom-mongers at Sargent House (Chelsea Wolfe, Boris) comes courtesy of Young Widows frontman Ewan Patterson in his Jaye Jayle guise. His powerfully charismatic performances on No Trail And Other Unholy Paths recall Tom Waits as well as Nick Cave at his most blood-and-thunder. Tracks like ‘Ode To Betsy’ would have had no problem slotting into Cave classics like Let Love In.
  • CD (SH194CD)

Emma Ruth Rundle / Jaye Jayle
Time Between Us

Three new tracks apiece from both Emma Ruth Rundle and Jaye Jayle here on this split album. Both play a form of brooding alternative rock, although rather different forms: Emma’s sound is lush and emotional and lends itself to an acoustic track, whereas Jaye are heavy and tense and motorik-driven. Time Between Us is released by the Sargent House label.
  • CD (SH171CD)

Jaye Jayle
Pull Me Back To Hell / Evil Windows

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