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Otto A Totland Vinyl, CD & tapes by Otto A Totland at Norman Records

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Deaf Center
Low Distance

Eight years after Owl Splinters the Norwegian two-piece made up of Miasmah records head Erik K. Skodvin (Svarte Greiner) and Otto A. Totland (Nest) return for their third full length album. Comparatively stripped back they once again show their skills at weaving mysterious and captivating electronics and ambient soundscapes which can both enthral and unnerve.
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Otto A Totland
The Lost

Otto A Totland, also known as approximately 50% of Deaf Center, returns with his first solo release in three years. The Lost continues in the vein of Totland’s debut Pinô, with haunting pieces for upright piano. Like for instance Goldmund and Daigo Hanada, the instrument sounds as if mic'd very close to the keyboard, with softened notes and the fluttering texture of fingers and keys. Totland’s melodies are, as ever, sophisticated and plaintive. Wait for a rainy day, then stick it on near a window. Presented in beautiful textile packaging by the unostentatiously-named Sonic Pieces.
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  • Otto A Totland

Otto A Totland / Erik K Skodvin
Harmony from the Past