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Anyone who reads press releases these days would think the world has simply gone triptych-mad. Here’s today’s triptych courtesy of Stroboscopic Artefacts’ Luca Mortellaro - that’s Lucy to you, buddy. It’s a triptych about Albert Camus’ ever-resonant novel The Stranger, focusing on the periods before, during and after a certain pivotal moment in the story. Jason Snell lends a crackle-voiced narration of Meursault as the triptych's thick rhythms and sound design chug along.

Rrose & Lucy
The Lotus Eaters II

This particular decade will probably be remembered as one where the cutting edge of techno became severely twisted. Riding the sharpest point are Rrose and Lucy, who come together on this EP to unveil a typically claustrophobic, swirling mass of dance floor disorientation. Muscular, ethereal and as sideways as you like.
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The Lotus Eaters

Please be very very careful. This is not the 1980s Lotus Eaters famous for their 'First Picture of You' single. Instead these are two techno artists Lucy and Rrose. Here the two step away from the usual techno instrumentation and use synthesized sound and feedback to generate both textural and percussive elements to their music.  


Electronic bod Luca Mortellaro aka Lucy aka label head of Stroboscopic Artefacts unleashes this three tracker onto 10" wax. Expect dark-hued angular dancefloor that is both mysterious and succinct. A small glimpse into the world of this famously nuanced electronic composer.  A unique object and the latest in a line of 10"s from the imprint. 

Cannon Fodder - DJ Sotofett's Sound Clash Mix / Planetary Assault Systems Rework

Powerful broadcast from Italian producer Lucy: a fine slice of propulsive techno power with a seriously thick lower-end kick. Cannon Fodder arrives armed with two additional versions, a ‘Sound Clash Mix’ by DJ Sotofett and the other by Planetary Assault Systems. 12” dancefloor killer on Life and Death.

Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax

Lucy’s new release moves away somewhat from the (already fairly cutting-edge) techno territory the project usually works in, into more abstracted zones. Eat, Drink, Shop, Relax is full of bubbling, simmering electronics, figuring out their own harmonies with what feels like little human touch. Very fine. 12” on Samurai Horo.

Self Mythology

Lucy runs the Stroboscopic Artefacts label, on which his new full-length is seeing release. Self Mythology has all the techno / ambient credentials you’d expect of a release on this Berlin label, but flutes and improvised vocals (from collaborator Jon Jacobs) push some of these tracks into interesting experimental spaces. CD and double LP editions.