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Sly & The Family Drone
Walk It Dry

British-based noise-rock outfit Sly & The Family Drone release their latest studio album. Walk It Dry was actually recorded before their last album, Gentle Persuaders, following a year-long hiatus brought on by a post-car-crash recovery, and is characterised more by shorter, more immediate tracks. 

Sly & The Family Drone
Gentle Persuaders

Big new proper album from legendary London outfit Sly & The Family Drone. Always changing but generally performing in the form of a potent circle of noise electronics and drums, at the moment they also have a good deal of saxophone in the mix, which allows Gentle Persuaders to reach some fierce free-jazz-noise peaks. A rough and heavy beast this one, very good stuff. On Love Love Records.

Pocket Signs
Signs of The Times

Pocket Signs is a collaboration between Matt Cargill of splattered jazz noise fiends Sly & The Family Drone and kaftan clad modular synth botherer Dan Jones aka UKAEA. Signs of the Times is a rambling, spooky noise injection straight to the dome. It’s cut-up drums, fractured vocals, heaving bass and spangled electronics offering a gateway to immortality (maybe). The pair recorded it in one afternoon fuelled by liquid courage and a particular brand of sugar-free cola. Good to know they're taking care of their gnashers.

Sly & The Family Drone and Dead Neanderthals
Molar Wrench

Filth! Sly & the Family Drone know all about it and convert it into sonic properties unknown through the means of noise 'n' drone; they're joined here by free jazz crew Dead Neanderthals for a collaborative record of most visceral sound, the kind of dissonance and calamity that rumbles around in your intestines. The album art for Molar Wrench is pretty great, wouldn't you agree?

Sly & The Family Drone
Unnecessary Woe

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