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Abram Shook Vinyl, CD & tapes by Abram Shook at Norman Records

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Abram Shook
The Neon Machine

Hailing from Austin, Texas, musician Abram Shook looks like he’s been beamed in from some alternative version of 2019 where the Seventies never ended, judging by the cover to fourth album The Neon Machine, but his Prince/Bowie party riffs and modern beats make his music some of the most loveable out there. 
  • Vinyl LP (WV195LPC1)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Abram Shook
Love at Low Speed

Love at Low Speed is an especially personal collection of songs by Abram Shook, delving into the end of an eleven year relationship with all the serious song-weight you’d expect from that. The music is gorgeous and fully-detailed, packed with sweet strings, groovy bass and Shook’s impressive tenor vocals. Released by Western Vinyl.

Abram Shook
Landscape Dream

Following up last year’s Sun Marquee, an album called Landscape Dream was always going to furrow similar sunny and soulful territory for Abram Shook. Abram spreads his yacht-chill over 12 tracks that would sound ridiculously exotic yet enjoyable if blaring from a boombox during an afternoon of barbecuing on the beach at Skegness. Dream made possible by Western Vinyl’s CD and vinyl release.