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Moodymann Vinyl, CD & tapes by Moodymann at Norman Records

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KDJ drop a double 12” single package of tracks from Moodymann. Sounding like they’ve emerged from some kind of late ‘70s timewarp, the first three tracks are hard-hitting, dancefloor-orientated bangers with filthy basslines and on-point vocals, while the latter two go more downtempo and soulful. 

Mahogany Brown

Detroit-based house propagator Kenneth Dixon Jr. gets his second Moodymann album reissued on Peacefrog, featuring samples from only the finest disco, funk and soul tunes. Just think, you can relive your favourite late night moments, or use the 2x discs to create new ones. Substances optional, good times guaranteed.

Silence In The Secret Garden

The shadow of Silence In The Secret Garden still looms large over Moodymann’s output fifteen years after its initial release. He’s arguably never found a better synthesis of darkness and light than on this LP - see how the title track suddenly switches from fidgety, erstwhile minimal techno into a soulful deep house jam. This re-pressing allows you to enjoy what history may recognise as his second-finest hour (number one spot is reserved for when he played ‘Sex On Fire’ at Field Day 2017).

Pitch Black City Reunion

Spring is in the air, and what better way to usher in the warmer weather than with a new 12” from Moodymann. Pitch Black City Reunion features two tracks that find the Detroit kingpin at the peak of his powers. The title track (‘Recorded Live Somewhere In Detroit’) blossoms from an atmospheric soul-jazz intro into the sort of warm deep house roller that no-one does better than the Mahogani Music boss. On the flip, ‘Got Me Coming Back Rite Now’ is a slow, sexy shuffle.

Telephone EP

Originally released back in 2001 this is immediately recognisable of the era, yet maintains the elements of the original that gave it an edge - the light jazz influence, the early evening pool party vibe, the unexpected sonic turns. Maintains is the word, as what we have here is a deliberate and focussed remake, satiating that other modern need of revisiting, improving and rewriting history. It’s worthwhile and warranted and is likely to be as sought after and in demand as the original pressing.

Don't You Want My Love

This repressed 12" is well placed in the current disco resurgence, with Moodyman's solid beat and bass work sounding as rich as ever. This is a longer version than the album cut, allowing for extended sass and shape throwing in the early morning hours. The B side is a wonderful instrumental version of 'Me and My People's Eyes'.


Originally released in 2000 and gathering together the best bits and pieces from Moodymann’s late 90s KDJ work, this re-release is passes on simply adding new sleeve notes and b-sides, instead having Moodymann completely rework and reinterpret the original record from top to bottom. The DNA of those classic retro funk disco workouts are still present and correct and the centrepieces of Wednesday Night People and Don’t You Want My Love still resonate as they ever did. What echoes more are the slow shifts, the thoughtful and light synth work and underlying sense that Moodymann’s vinyl collection had as much Soul in it as it did House Music. 

The Moodymann Remixes

Pollyn has been remixed by Moodymann on two different occasions: once on a 2012 12” release, and once on a release that was never even made properly public. The Moodymann remixes gathers the pair of tracks onto one 45rpm 12”, both remastered for maximum strength. Damn fine rare material now back on wax, thanks to Music Music Group.


Moodymann steps up to the plate of the famed DJ Kicks series, loaded with an eclectic set of records. The Detroit resident throws down artists like Flying Lotus, Nightmares On Wax and Marcellus Pittman, as well as 11 exclusive edits of his own tracks. 30 tracks on the CD edition, and 19 tracks on the triple-LP vinyl edition. On !K7.