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Ryley Walker
Primrose Green

An absolutely breathtaking album from start to finish. Many singer-songwriters are currently mining that 1970’s folk/jazz influenced type territory for inspiration but no-one has nailed this sound better than Ryley Walker. The album is the perfect concoction of Tim Buckley, ...view item »

Ryley Walker
Deafman Glance

You simply cannot hide your prog forever. Ryley Walker tried is best, delivering gorgeous folk jazz missives from the bottom of his heart to the top of our bestsellers sheet, but he could not save us from his dark side. ‘Deafman Glance’ stands divisive of this office, a mountain-scaling record that sees Walker try new, outlandish thi...view item »

Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker

2015 saw the release of Land of Plenty, a collaboration between Bill MacKay and Ryley Walker and 2017 sees them joining together again with SpiderBeetleBee. The guitar duo continue with their impromptu style but this time with Celtic instrumentation and themes coming to the fore...view item »

Ryley Walker
All Kinds Of You

Despite the enamel-destructive qualities of this record’s name, All Kinds of You is a serious album and one that deserves to be taken seriously. Ryley Walker’s debut is laced with beautiful finger picking and cleverly thought-out folk songs. A righteous record that will please any listener who likes to liste...view item »

Ryley Walker
The West Wind

Ahead of his new album out in April next year is this twelve inch single by Chicagoan singer/songwriter Ryley Walker, brought to you by the fellows at Tompkins Square Records. ‘The West Wind’ is an old sounding blues folk song in the style of ...view item »

Ryley Walker
Golden Sings That Have Been Sung

Ryley. How does he find the time? Always in conference with the sheep; always improving our diplomatic relations with chickens. The barnyard bureaucrat made Clint’s favourite record of last year and possibly all time with ‘Primrose Green’, a record that couldn’t decide whether to be dye-in-the-wool folk or lopsided lounge...view item »

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