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Laurence Vanay
Les Soleile De La Vie

Following her album Evening Colours  in ‘76, Jacqueline Thibault a.k.a Laurence Vanay recorded further tracks on her multi-track Revox recorder. Les Soleile De La Vie was the result. Features a host of her friends including Serge Derrien, Popov, Michel Santangelli, Jean Claude Guzelli and Francis Moze. Having sat on a shelf for years it finally gets a full release. Limited reissue LP on Lion Productions. Edition of 500 copies in deluxe tip-on sleeve.  Features a six-panel colour insert with rare photos and text.

Laurence Vanay
La Petite Fenetre

The first ever release of the late 1970’s recordings, La Petite Fenetre by Laurence Vanay is a powerful collection of songs from an unsung French artist. As an arranger at Château d’Hérouville studios, Vanay spent far too much time on other people’s sounds to release her own music. Finally these beautiful instrumentals get the airing they deserve. Limited reissue LP on Lion Productions. Edition of 500 copies in deluxe tip-on sleeve with six-panel colour insert, featuring rare photos and text.
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Laurence Vanay
Evening Colours

Jacqueline Thibault released a modest company of albums in the 1970s, taking on the moniker Laurence Vanay. The wife of prog-monsters Magma's Laurent Thibault, her musics differed in tone and aesthetic, offering a quietened world evoked through beautified instrumentals with soft keys and guitars -- but plenty of Zeuhl influence to keep up appearances. Evening Colours is her second record.