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Oliver Coates & Laurie Tompkins
Ample Profanity

Oliver Coates is a prodigious talent. He’s been too good for too long now for anyone to put in a salient argument to the contrary. Here we see him returning to Slip, the label that put out his excellent collaborative LP with Mica Levi, for a short record of avant-anarchism alongside Laurie Tompkins. Ample Profanity is a disorientating listen - at one point it will resemble the kindergarten punk of early Micachu & The Shapes, then a few seconds later it’ll be on an Einstuerzende Neubauten flex.
  • Vinyl LP (SLP038)
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Oliver Coates
Shelley’s On Zenn-La

The two-step Arthur Russell returns with his first solo full-length since 2016’s fantastic Upstepping. What Oliver Coates is really good at is not letting his prodigious abilities get in the way of creating music of great body and motion. Again focussing on cello and production, Coates has melody, rhythm and harmony in perfect balance once more on Shelley’s On Zenn-La. Out via RVNG Intl. (Visible Cloaks, Hieroglyphic Being).
  • Vinyl LP (RVNGNL43LP)
  • Artist(s):
  • Oliver Coates

Oliver Coates
Another Fantasy

This is one of those strange and hypnotic experimental techno records that played at a low volume can be plain annoying but banged right up is a genuinely sublime trip. Built around a ripping, relentless ascending cello loop, 'Another Fantasy' is a radical re-fit built around Bryce Hackford's track of the same title . Part shuffling deep house groove with a submerged industrial flex and grind; part Riley/Reich-style classical minimalism and part stoned train journey through some beautiful mountain range: this side long epic is a blinding and original slice of contemporary dancefloor intelligence. The reciprocated mixes on the flip from that there man Bryce take on such styles as lovely Polygon Window-esque ambient morphosis w/ a sweet mid-paced kick and some exploratory deep low-end theory finishing with the ethereal dream-shimmer of his take on 'Another Day'. This will be in many a DJs bag by the end of the year, surely? 3 tracks - Another Fantasy / The Clouds Flew Round With The Clouds (Bryce Hackford Remix) / Another Day (Bryce Hackford Remix)
  • Vinyl 12" (PRAHEP001)
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Oliver Coates
John Luther Adams’ Canticles of the Sky

  • Vinyl LP (RVNGNL48LP)
  • Limited edition

Oliver Coates / Eliza McCarthy
Micachu - Peace / Riding Through Drinking Harpo Dine

Here on the most lamentable of formats, the 7", lie two new Micachu pieces. The sonic polymath also known as Mica Levi has crafted two instrument-specific compositions for performance by cello surgeon Oliver Coates and formidable pianist Eliza McCarthy. Two excellent works rounded off by renowned artists.
  • Artist(s):
  • Oliver Coates

Oliver Coates

Oliver Coates is an acclaimed contemporary cellist, and yet this album sounds like a fully-fledged modern electronic dance record. Believe it or not, almost every single sound on Upstepping was originally derived from Coates’ cello, who then applied an absolute ton of processing to make this club friendly set of experimental bangers. On Prah Recordings.
  • Vinyl LP (PRAH006)

Mica Levi & Oliver Coates
Remain Calm

Mica Levi / Micachu is a truly busy and multifaceted artist: as well as her work with The Shapes and her orchestral compositions, she takes on new projects like a duck takes to water. This duo record with cellist Oliver Coates was born out of improvisations which were then taken away and re-processed into beautiful and weird new shapes. Remain Calm is released by Slip.
  • Vinyl LP (SLP035LP)
  • CD (SLP035CD)
  • Artist(s):
  • Oliver Coates

Oliver Coates
Towards The Blessed Islands

Prah Recordings is a new label set up by Stephen Bass of Moshi Moshi. Renowned cellist Coates straddles the worlds of classical and contemporary music. He has collaborations under his belt from the likes of Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood, DOOM and Massive Attack - and likewise he has performed concerto performances around the world notably with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Britten Sinfonia. Towards the blessed islands (the title taken from a poem by Norman MacCaig) is Coates debut album and devotes itself to rich sounds and clear harmonies which develop slowly over time. The cello is tuned or strung differently, or thrown into an unusual playing method on every track. "Think Sonic Youth and their guitars" says Coates.  The album was recorded in churches, tombs, disused oil rigs and field recordings were made in railway stations at night. Also there's covers of Squarepusher classic Tommib Help Buss as well as a beautiful restyling of Roy Harper's Another Day.
  • CD (PRAH001CD)
  • Vinyl LP (PRAH001LP)