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Shanti Celeste & Hodge
Soba Dance

Three tracks from the Bristolian dream-team team-up of Shanti Celeste and Hodge. Soba Dance is bouncy and vivid, with looping delayed percussion floating playfully above the core rhythms. The wonderful thing is that you can distinguish each producers’ own elements, but they still coalesce into a perfect whole. 12” on Celeste’s Peach Discs.
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Bristolian Jake Martin (a.k.a., Hodge) busts out another EP for Berceuse Heroique. Does ‘Exogenesis’ refer to Martin’s own beliefs regarding humanity’s origin, or is it just his favourite episode of Babylon 5? Could it be his favourite Muse song? In any case, there are 808s, there are vocal samples, there are moody bits and less moody bits. ‘Bam’ is a very strong piece of polyrhythmic techno, while the other standout ‘Night Run’ offers a charming beach party vibe.

Laurel Halo & Hodge
Tru / Opal / The Light Within You

Laurel Halo, real name Ina Cube (I’d have stuck with that tbh), is an American electronic musician who bases herself in Berlin with all the hip kids. Here she collaborates with Jake Martin, AKA Hodge, who is one of the most exciting new names in UK techno. The three track 12” features Tru, Opal and The light Within You. 12” on Livity Sound Recordings.

Hodge & Randomer
If I Could Stop

What tunes! Two tracks from the powerful duo of Hodge & Randomer, both stamping their mark on the wax (and the dancefloor) with fun pummelling rollers. But wait, there’s more! Each track is accompanied by a remix, one by Tyrell Serge and one by Kowton, adding an extra perspective on the chunky goodness. 12” on Clone Basement Series.

Beneath Two Moons

Your classic 'thud-thud-thud' electronic collection here. Hodge has released a 4 track E.P entitled Beneath Two Moons and it's actually pretty good. It sounds like something you'd here in a club - anywhere from the late 80's, through the 90's and beyond 2018 - at 3am at the peak of your youthful night. Available on 12" and released on Berceuse Heroique. 

Swing for the Fences

A corker from the Bristol bass junkie. Swing for the Fences is Hodge’s new EP on Hemlock and continues to demonstrate why Hodge is being championed as one of the UK’s leading dance musicians. Each track across this EP is a huge club banger and guaranteed to be the soundtrack to the best parties across the world very soon. Be sure you don’t miss out on the action.   

No Single Thing EP

Equal parts summery and shadowy, these three tracks of percussive rhythm work sets the tone for Hodge's latest 12". 'No Single Thing' is replete with woody beats and distant howls; 'Light Waves' minimises things into contemporary bass; 'Joe Likes to Dance' evokes paranoid electro. Diverse and superb.

Hodge / Don't DJ
Mother's Finest Tape 01

The first tape release on the Mother’s Finest label pairs up two mixes by Hodge and Don’t DJ. However, neither producer is headed for the dancefloor here: instead they quest around in the reams of experimental ambience, cutting together some truly atmospheric trips. C90 on Mother’s Finest.

Amor Fati / Renegades

Some hypnotising rhythms from Hodge. Amor Fati / Renegades are two more tracks coming at ya from the south west producer. 'Amor Fati' is rhythmic work out, building the intensity before plopping the bass down nicely. 'Renegades' has some more hot rhythmic invention and hench low end stabs. Both cuts having a dubby afro-tinge about them giving this a Bristolian lean. Out on 12" vinyl from dnuoS ytiviL.

Forms Of Life

Jacob Martin of Outboxx’s solo project Hodge has had a pretty big handful of releases on Hemlock, Tempa and Punch drunk, with 5 under his belt this year he’s certainly on it. Forms of Life comes in three forms, a warm sunset house tune, a caustic 5am techno banger, and a broody techno journey for when you’re way past recognition.

Hodge / Bruce
Amor Fati (Peverelist Remix) / Tilikum (Hodge Remix)

Another release on Livity Sound’s conceptually insane reverse label dnouS ytiviL. Here we have two original tracks by Hodge and Bruce re-engineered by Peverelist and Hodge (so that Hodge gets to participate in two different ways! Both tracks pulse and flex their way to essential groover status. 12” vinyl.


Prolific Bristol producer Hodge releases his four-track double vinyl debut for Hemlock. It’s a distinctly nocturnal affair characterised by the producer’s trademark ruff rhythms, hyper-alert synth stabs and canny grasp of drama and dynamics, all of which add up to a compellingly cinematic take on UK bass music.

Pev & Hodge
21 Versions / What Your Heart Knows

The Livity Sound label / collective continues to push infectious new rollers out into the world, 21 Versions / What Your Heart Knows being the latest. Pev & Hodge lay out a delicious palette of bouncing rhythms, slung together with both consummate professionalism and a joyously loose approach. Very fine.

Hodge / Acre
X / Don’t Get Me Started

It really was about time - here’s another club/dance floor pleaser in our stock. Now Hodge and Acre’s last split basically ran off our shelves, so X / Don’t Get Me Started will probably do the same. Make sure you don’t miss the boat, because this vinyl-only release is limited to 500 pretty 12” pressings.

You Better Lie Down

Hodge has been turning out hot releases for a number of labels recently, and now he brings his sound to Berceuse Heroique. You Better Lie Down, the title commands you, but that wouldn’t make too much sense when listening to this, because Hodge’s slightly wonky (in a good way) tunes will make you want to dance, and thats best done standing up.
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