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DJ Scotch Egg
KFC Core

Lets get the bloody noise outta the way 1st shall we. Clint needs waking up & to be quite frank, the day needs a kick up the bum. DJ Scotch Egg anyone? Toytown gabba? distorta-screaming? Terrifying spliced spidery rave? Shredded breakcore? berserka-glitch? Wanabee pop diva/ barbershop quartet singing the KFC theme tune? Check ALL...view item »

DJ Scotch Egg

I thought this was gonna be an insane pile of crap but after a few tracks I can see the appeal. It's melodic, it doesn't take itself seriously, there's daft samples, there's clearly a love of video games (always good) and he's named after crap picnic food. Maggie actually ate a scotch egg yesterday in tribute to the man.  At times it's soun...view item »

DJ Scotch Egg

Nursing the mother of all hangovers I've almost lost the will to live... Let's see if the DJ Scotch Egg 'Drumized' album can perk me up... I heard that he'd signed to Load a while ago after he toured with Lightning Bolt so here are the latest fruits of his labour. You know the score with Mr Egg like, he does some wacky gameboy mentalism a...view item »

DJ Scotch Egg
Scotch Chicken/ Scotch Party

I recall through a rather muntered haze seeing a small drove of people hastily exiting the Wrong records afternoon @ the glade festival in July when the crazed gabba terror squall of DJ Scotch Egg was unleashed on the collected throng of home counties trustafarians & dazed ravers. Much to my amusement I entered the swelterin...view item »