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Mikael Lind Vinyl, CD & tapes by Mikael Lind at Norman Records

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Mikael Lind
Strings and Clusters

Bradley “anthéne” Deschamps’ Polar Seas label introduces another grand player in Reykjavik musician Mikael Lind, whose previous ports of call include Morr Music and Time Released Sound. Although it does nothing to help clichés about music from Iceland, Strings and Clusters does brim with ethereal strings, glacial textures and billowing, snowy grains. A soundtrack to BBC nature documentaries never made, a giant Sigur Rós interlude, a melancholy Instagram dreamscape of barren valleys and vistas… this one has it all.
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Mikael Lind
Intentions and Variations

Iceland resident Mikael Lind goes deep into ambient territory with Intentions and Variations, stripping out the beats in favour of long-delay piano / viola and electronic manipulations. Compositions ebb and flow between quiet solemnity and thick hovering haze, with fairly gorgeous results. Vinyl release on Morr Music.
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  • Mikael Lind